Friday, June 7, 2013

Mister River!

Mister River Viiperi.

How can you not like River? This is one of the coolest guys in Hollywood! I mean he's a lucky guy Paris Hilton....his "blondie!!" Hahaha. I started liking River as soon as I discovered his model photos online. River is such a freckin stud! I especially like his Calvin Klein ads and Armani ads. It's crazy how River is from Spain and doesn't have an accent anymore!? WHAT? 

The first time I met River, I don't know if he even would remember meeting me....but there was this HUGE car accident in West Hollywood at the beginning of this year...and who did I run into?! RIVER & PARIS! No lie! For once I didn't know where they were going to be! :P He probably thought I was crazy taking a photo with him in the middle of Santa Monica Blvd....but whatver.

Here's some of River's modeling photos! 

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