Friday, May 24, 2013

Kim K the next Princess Diana!?

Ohh my gawd! I have NEVER seen something like this before! I have been going on celebrity adventures for awhile now....for maybe 2 years. I have seen so much crazyness and wild paparazzi gangbangs.... But yesterday I recorded a video, the video is basically from Kim Kardashian's perspective. I took the video from behind Kim and Kris Jenner arriving at LAX yesterday from Paris. It absolutley amazes me that so MANY photographers are after Kim K on a daily basis! You would think Kim is Princess Diana or something!! I counted how many photographers/video guys there were....and there were 22!! HOLY SHIT!

Both Kim & Kris walked out of the terminal looking determined to get to their waiting escalades. They didn't make it to their cars as fast as they really wanted to! The Los Angeles paps, were NOT letting them exit! They were pretty much blocking the doorway! Kim finally got pissed and said, "MOVE!" Kim was practically running through the photographers! Kris Jenner kept saying, "Careful, she's pregnant!" Kim made it to the car and a photographer opened the opposite door to snap a few photos of her getting in the car....yeah that didn't go over so well! Kim yelled, "shut the f***ing door you idiot!" Kris was in the car behind Kim, and was watching the madness go down as they were all snapping photos of Kim through the dark escalade windows.The driver almost got into a fist fight with one of the paps that opened the door! Ohh my gawd, it was insane!!

Watch the video I took HERE! 

You see me behind Kris?! 
Photo taken by *WowCelebrityTV*

After seeing what had happned at the airport yesterday and seeing all the footage and pictures, I'm starting to think that Kim has more paparazzi after her than Princess Diana has had! It was absolute madness!!
Princess Diana....

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