Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mister Harry Potter!!

Meeting Harry Potter and Jessica Chastain! 

Okay....YES I now have met Mister Harry Potter himself, but did get into an argument with someone about the photo, because they didn't get it :/ My goal out here isn't to make people jealous or piss them off, I do my own thing and get pictures with people I want to meet. But because Daniel Radcliffe isn''t always here people get a little more NUTS about him when he is in town. My intention wasn't to piss someone off, I really didn't even know I was going to get a photo with Daniel....cause he can sometimes be very hard to meet!! We checked around for Daniel and his car he arrived in, and randomly he just ran out of the event, we said his name and he came by us!! I couldn't believe that it was happening!! Talking to THE HARRY POTTER!?! Daniel's fan base it many fans!! I took a photo for my friend first...then I went next, as she was taking it she noticed her's was blurry!....ohhh nooo I thought she was going to kill me!!!!! My camera was having problems!!!! So I took another one and it was still blurry!!!!!! How embarrassing! Finally she just took my camera and took it herself and it turned out perfect. Maybe it was blurry because when I was taking it my hand was shaking? I din't know? I'm just happy that she got her photo with him! He was more than happy to take a few photos and said, "It's okay!" He was sooo friendly, I would love to meet him again!

Right after seeing Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Chastain came out of the event. Jessica is beyond nice, probably one of the nicest people in Los Angeles! She cares for everyone and while signing autographs she makes sure nobody is getting hurt or pushed over, and she will make sure everyone gets one autograph. And if you try for a second one she will call you out! As she was signing a photo for me she looked up and realized it was me....she has never said my name yet.....until two days ago! She goes...."Niko...right?" An Oscar Nominee knows my name?! Seriously!?!

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