Monday, February 18, 2013

Bride of Chucky!

I wasn't planning on running around Hollywood last night....but sure enough, I ended up getting a few photo ops and a stop at the airport for Christoph Waltz! Right after work I headed home, and was planning on just relaxing!!! Christoph was pretty nice but let me tell ya, his autograph was crappy yesterday!! It was just his initials! Last time I got his autograph it was the full signature! Well at least he signed autographs!! As soon as he headed to his car, Snooki started walking out with JWoww!! I can spot her from a MILE away!! I was like, "THERE'S SNOOKI!" I met Jwoww last time when they were in LA, and she was super nice! 

Later in the night I met Jennifer Tilly and Florence Henderson! Florence is the mom in the "Brady Bunch!" I told her how last time I saw her she closed her eyes in my photo so I needed a new one!! She was more than happy to take a picture and sign autographs. I was more excited about seeing Jennifer Tilly though because I'm a HUGE fan of the Chucky movies! Her voice is so unique I swear!! She signed a bunch of autographs for us! She kept saying how she would sign a bunch....and she did! 

Jennifer Tilly(: 
Florence Henderson! Mama Brady! 

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