Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun times in Florida!

My trip to Florida in February!
I met my mom in Florida a few months ago. Both my Uncles live in Florida so I was able to see them too! We stayed with my Uncles right out of Fort Myer's, Florida. We had sooooo much fun in Florida. I was able to see my mom, my Uncles and my cousin. We pretty much relaxed and went swimming a lot. We even took a road trip to Miami! Whenever I'm in Florida it's a MUST that we stop in Miami at least for the day! They have a lot of shopping and the water on Miami beach is beautiful! I haven't seen more blue water anywhere else! We stopped at "DASH" too just to check out the store to see if anything changed there. We also went to "Manatee Park." We saw NOO Manatee's! My Uncle was totally lying to us! I was hoping to see these creatures jumping out of the water but saw nothing!! Looks like I'll have to go back there and see if I actually see a manatee!

Misty, thank you so much for sending these photos to me! 

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