Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Running into Kenny Smith!

Didn't really go anywhere today. Just pretty much did laundry and cleaned my room. I started work at night, and I was tired so i didn't want to go anywhere during the day. Work didn't go by that fast because it was so HOT in Target and busy!! I was able to get a photo with Kenny Smith though=) Kenny is a retired basketball player. He was shopping with his wife at Target. He was actually a really nice guy! We took a photo together, my friend took it. The back of my phone is a photo of me and Kim Kardashian. Kenny looks at it and goes, "Is that really a photo of you & THE Kim Kardashian!?" I was like yesssss it is! Hahaha. He's a cool guy!

Super busy day tomorrow. Working at 8 am! I'm soooo NOT a morning person! After work I'm heading to Hollywood! I need my celebrity fix for the week!

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