Monday, June 18, 2012

Life is about making memories.

Visting my family and friends in Wisconsin. Haven't seen everyone in 11 months! I have been away from Wisconsin for 11 months!! The first couple days I stayed in Milwaukee and hung out with my grandma and grandpa. I attended my sisters graduation at Whitnall High School. It amazes me how I graduated from there a year ago! WOW! Thats CRAZY to think about! I had a lot of fun at Bailey's graduation, I was even able to see some of my old friends. As soon as Bailey's graduation was over we headed to my moms new home in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Driving to Eagle River was a VERY long ride! The ride was over 4 hours, but I slept most of the time. Everyone gets so upset that both Bailey and I sleep on car rides because "we're missing the scenery." As we were approaching Eagle River my phone signal cut out and we discovered some white deer! I took a photo of the deer for Instagram and posted later when I found signal. As soon as we pulled up in my moms drive way I practically jumped out of the moving car and ran right into the house (that I have never been in to find my 5 doggies!) BOYYYY did I miss my dogs! My dogs mean the WORLD to me! I know I am across the country from them...but they are still my babies! One of my favorites is "Bunnie," shes a husky mix. Bunnie is 14 years old and still acts young! I was so worried that Bunnie was going to be in a little rough shape because of her age...but NO! She is still sassy; she steals dirty kleenex, rolls in dirty laundry, eats dead rabbits on the road, steals dirty tampons and steals food from the counter! I made sure to take a bunch of photos with all my dogs on my iphone. We did so much the week that I spent in the North Woods. I shot a gun for the first time, went fishing, horseback riding, went in the river and discovered a new coffee shop that I loved called, "Eagle Rosters."

After the week was up Bailey and I headed back to Milwaukee. I had a couple doctors appointments to take care of. I also was able to meet up with friends that I haven't seen in a year! I was ALMOST Starbucks out! Hahaha. June 15th I flew out of the Milwaukee airport to Los Angeles.

Life is about making memories! I'll remember these two weeks I spent in Wisconsin forever, seeing my family for the first time since moving to California. 

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