Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How it all started...

Stopped in Graveyard Records in Cudahy, Wisconsin the other day with my sister Bailey. Pretty much this store started it all. My celebrity obsession! Both my sister and I are HUGE horror movie fans! We love all the older Friday the 13th's, Child's Play, The Nightmare on Elm streets, Critters, Halloweens, and the list goes on! Graveyard records had a meet & greet they were hosting where the original mom from "Friday the 13th" was going to be appearing in the shop. Bailey and I LOVE the Jason movies, and had to go! We showed up like an hour early to wait in line to meet Betsy Palmer, the mom in "Friday the 13th." We were both beyond excited! That was the first person we have met that was actually in a movie! First movie star meet & greet! We talked to Betsy for as long as we wanted to and both got a few autographs and she signed our movies that we brought along. We even took photos with her, and she was joking around the whole time while talking to her! Betsy is an awesome lady! She was telling us about the scene where her head gets cut off in the second movie. She just couldn't watch it! The director was was trying to show her the scene but she just didn't want to see it. Seeing your self being killed?! i don't think I could even watch that... Meeting Betsy was a day both Bailey and I will never forget! We were talking about that

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