Tuesday, May 8, 2012

JOHNNY DEPP autographs!

What a day....waiting for Mister Depp. I have seen Johnny Depp three times now! I have gotten his autograph before but I gave it to my sister because she loves Johnny! I'm going to start getting her DVD's signed. When I go back home I'm going to bring back a few of her Johnny Depp items. Pretty much the whole cast showed up to the "Dark Shadows" premiere. I saw Tim Burton for the first time yesterday! He looks a little wacky! Hahahaha. Johnny Depp is ALWAYS nice to his fans. Johnny walked the "black" carpet then after all the interviews and stuff he came over by the fans. Mister Depp never watches his movies so he came over by us to sign autographs. Someone I know timed him to see how long he was signing.....he signed for 41 MINUTES! That's so freckin awesome! I love seeing these actors sign that much! I mean some of these Hollywood people that aren't even close to being as "big" as Depp and they treat their fans like crap! Two other people that love signing autographs are Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. They just sign their life away! I was able to get four autographs from Johnny Depp and boy was he nice! I asked him to sign my first photo then flipped it over to the other one and asked him to sign another....he said, "my pleasure!" I love how he just took his time signing the autographs too, so they didn't turn out all crappy! He has a pretty odd autograph, check out the picture below.

Look at this CRAZY mess!! All for Johnny Depp! 

I swear the wait was worth it, but geeeze....the streets of Hollywood are so dirty! I came home feeling so dirty! The bus fumes, and the air just make you feel gross! After the premiere I went to Subway with my friend, I was so hungry!! I had my veggie sub(:

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