Monday, January 2, 2012


Had a great New year! I worked super early in the morning at Starbucks. I started work at 7:15am. So EARLY! But at least I was able to get out of work early. I opened Starbucks for the first time ALL on my OWN! I was so proud of myself! Starbucks was CRAZY! There was a constant line through out my WHOLE eight hour shift! We had a lot of fun working though(: and time went by pretty fast because it was extremely busy! I didn't think it was going to be that busy because it was New Years Eve.

After work I headed to Hollywood and met two of my friends there. We were going to head over to Santa Monica. I had my POP phone with me, and made a few phone calls while I was waiting for them. The streets of Hollywood were packed with tourists! So many people were crowded all over the streets. I ran into one of my friends and she told me that the Santa Clause that works on Hollywood Blvd was arrested because he was "touching" kids. She even took a video of him being arrested! Those "characters" in those costumes kinda creep me out... My friends got there and we headed to Santa Monica. It actually didn't take that long to get there on the bus. We got off at a HUGE outdoor shopping mall in Santa Monica. The first store that I noticed was KITSON! Kitson is one of my new favorite stores, I love everything about it. We went in and I found a few things that I loved! I just might be going back and buying a few things soon. We went into a few of the stores in Santa Monica and we got something for dinner. We hung out for awhile there, then went to a nearby ice skating rink! I haven't been ice skating for like TEN years! I'm really good at roller skating but not the best at ice skating. I was actually better than I thought though! I was able to skate backwards and I only fell on my butt once! GEEZE that ice was cold! After we were done skating we headed over to the Santa Monica Pier. I guess they had fireworks at one of the nearby beaches so we thought we would go and check it out. I love the Santa Monica pier! I have been to the pier maybe three times now. We waited until the new year for the fireworks. We heard them but couldn't see them!! It was really foggy out so they were to hard to see! Haha. oh well, we still had fun(: We headed home on the bus going down Santa Monica Blvd. There is a area on Santa Monica that's a HUGE gay area....Tons of people got on the bus at one of the stops, and geeze the LESBIANS were on the LOOSE on the bus! This girl was like falling out the back door! I couldn't stop laughing! I kept hearing the bus driver yell, "STOP LEANING ON THE DOOR!" The girl kept yelling at people to get on the bus if they were to slow! It was CRAZY! It was like 2am, and I couldn't stop laughing! I made it home super late and had to get up early for work the next day! AHHH!.
New Years in Santa Monica(:

Ice Skating in Santa Monica(:

How is it already 2012? Time sure does fly by fast! This was one incredible year for me. I have accomplished so much over the past year. I feel like such an accomplished person. I have gone through so many changes and learned so much about life. Moving to California was a HUGE change for me. I have been wanting to move to the West Coast for a LONG time, this wasn't something that I just randomly planned out. I have been obsessed with Los Angeles, the culture here, the people, the fashion and the many things that there are to do here. And I made it happen! Leaving my mom for the first time wasn't the easiest thing to do but moving to California is something I really wanted to do. I now know 3 postions in Target and am very happy with the people that I work with here. I have met so many great friends through out my California journey so far. The amount of celebrities that I have met is UNREAL! I never would've thought that I would be able to meet Brad & Angelina Jolie! And take photos with both of them!? It's incredible! I have learned that they are just like us! This has been my dream and it ALL came true in 2011, I made it happen. My next goal is to actually be interviewing these celebrities and work for one of these entertainment companies, have my blog "known", and write a book about my California Adventures!
 Let's do this TwEnTy TwELvE I'm ready.

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