Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Seagull stealing my FOOD!

I decided to go to Santa Monica today, I wanted to go to the pier. I've already been there before but I wanted to go to people watch and just walk around! It took me like 2 hours to get there! I passed one of the stops I had to get off at! So then I had to back track, and go back the other way! One of the busses eventually took me to Universal City, subway! So I jumped on that subway, and yes it's underground! Everyones always asking, "they have subways underground in California?" Yes, they do! I know they have earthquakes here, but they have them!! So I took the Subway to Vermont/Santa Monica. You would think that stop would be near the beach, but it wasn't! So to catch the bus to the beach I had to cross the street to line 704. OMG what a dump that area was! It was so trashy, and gross! So far that is the worst part of California I have seen! I was surrounded by MEXICAN's! There were like no whites to be seen!! I took the bus straight to the beach from that stop. It took about an hour to get there. And i noticed that we were going towards the beach cause as we got closer people were jumping on in their swimsuits. The bus took me through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We passed the Beverly Hills sign seen in the movies !(: The last stop was the beach. I got off, and looked for the ocean. I was super hungry, I bought a water and a Churro on the pier, I was on the phone talking to my Uncle, and as I was taking a bite of my Churro, a FRECKIN Seagull flew down and grabbed onto the bottom of my CHURRO while I was EATING it! Who does that!?!?!?!? The bird was like trying to take my food from me! How rude!!I wasn't at the pier long cause I wanted to starty heading home cause it took me over an hour to get there!


  1. So exciting all the adventures you are having!

  2. Lol. Birds have to eat too!!